Meet Damian - Care Director

Damian is the Care Director at our Estia Health Bannockburn and shares his career progression and experience at Estia Health.

I started my nursing career in the acute sector and worked in coronary care and then began working in aged care as a casual Registered Nurse. I very quickly found my passion for aged care and the difference I could make – I was driven to create great outcomes for residents and their families through the last stage of their lives and time on this earth. I enjoyed the interactions with them and the lessons they taught me and my colleagues.

My career continued to progress and I soon found a position as a Nurse Unit Manager and then Care Manager within another organisation. With a family on the horizon, I was looking for work closer to home, which is when I discovered Estia Health Bannockburn literally around the corner from my home, which was perfect for me to have a work-life balance, which was really important for me.

I started at Estia Health as a Registered Nurse on the floor, then moved into the clinical nurse role which is when I applied for and completed Estia Health’s Emerging Leaders Program. I saw it as a great opportunity within a large organisation to gain pivotal skills and strengthen a number of key attributes that would contribute to my experience and help progress my career. This included training and education to develop my communications skills to help have difficult conversations. This was once something I struggled with, however, now I have the confidence to deliver the message to my team with confidence. In terms of prioritisation and delegation - I used to think I could wear a cape and complete everything, but this would mean I wouldn’t complete things in time. I gained such valuable skills through the Program that enabled me to time manage, which I now use all the time as in my Care Director role.While I completed the Emerging Leaders Program I had great support from my Executive Director, who encouraged me to apply for the program, supported me with time away and my final presentation. As a group, we also had great support from Estia Health’s People and Culture team, who led the program, as well as Estia Health’s CEO who came and spoke to us. As participants of the program, we were also invited to the Estia Health Leadership Conference where we heard from a number of Estia Health’s leaders, amazing external speakers and I had the opportunity to meet and network with so many people and they’re relationships I continue today, often picking up the phone for advice or a chat.

Shortly after completing the Emerging Leaders Program, I was offered the role of Care Director, which was amazing and I’ve now been in the role for 18 months. I’m forever grateful to Estia Health for the opportunity to participate in the Emerging Leaders Program. I have developed and improved skills and attributes that I will be able to use throughout my career to positively impact the lives of others.;

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