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Respite Care

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What is short-term respite care?

What is short-term respite care?

Respite care offers a short-term option for people requiring care and for their carers that may need a break. It can be accessed in your home, in the community, or in a residential aged care home. All of our Estia Health aged care homes offer residential respite care, giving you the option to join us for a short stay.

For carers, looking after someone requires an incredible amount of commitment and dedication and there will be a time where you need to take time away for appointments, a holiday, or just a short break to look after yourself. Respite care provides the opportunity to do that, knowing your loved one is being cared for in a safe and supportive environment.

People come for a short stay with us for a number of reasons; it may be an option for someone transitioning from a hospital stay following an accident or illness, requiring additional care and support before moving home. For many, respite care can also be an opportunity to try residential aged care before making the permanent move into a residential aged care home.

What can you expect at an Estia Health home?

When you come for a short stay at one of our homes, you’ll have peace of mind, being cared for by an experienced and compassionate team in a safe and supportive environment. Our experienced clinicians, carers and hospitality teams look after all aspects of a resident’s care, including clinical, social and overall wellbeing, while staying in our homes.

Respite care can be booked with us in advance, but we can also provide support in urgent or emergency situations, for example, if a carer becomes unwell, or has a hospital stay of their own.

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When a short-term stay becomes permanent

Doreen resides in one of our homes. Originally she came for a short respite stay before deciding to move in permanently. 

Accessing short-term respite care and costs

Accessing short-term respite care and costs

To access government-supported respite care, you and your carer will need to undergo a face-to-face assessment with a qualified assessor (called an ACAT or ACAS assessment), which is a process to determine the level of care you require.

If you’re eligible for respite care, you can access subsidised respite care at a capped amount of days each financial year, which includes both planned and emergency residential respite care. This can be organised via the My Aged Care portal by applying for an assessment online or by calling 1800 200 422.

As a respite resident, you will be charged a basic daily care fee for each day you stay in our home, which is determined by the Australian Government and is set as 85% of a single aged pension. Each of our homes also offer a range of additional services for residents with a daily fee. For more information on residential aged care fees and costs, visit our understanding costs page or speak to a team member today on 1300 682 833.

I'm a carer

I'm a carer

As an unpaid carer looking after family, friends or a loved one, the ongoing responsibility and dedication can take its toll. COVID-19 has significantly impacted all of us, but for older people requiring care and support, the pandemic has resulted in further isolation and often delays in accessing care and support services, resulting in an even greater burden on carers and increased isolation. 

At Estia Health, we understand this and we’re here to help. When the person you care for comes for respite care in one of our homes, this will give you time for a much-needed break, to recharge and care for your own physical and mental wellbeing while having the peace of mind your loved one is being looked after by an experienced and compassionate team in a safe and supportive environment. While staying with us, your loved one will have the chance to socialise with others, get involved in daily activities, enjoy nutritious food cooked daily by our chef and around-the-clock care delivered by our nursing and care team. 
For any other carers support, you can talk to Carers Gateway, an Australian Government initiative providing a range of services for unpaid carers by visiting the Carers Gateway website or by calling 1800 422 737, 


How respite care has benefited others

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Frequently asked questions

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What will it cost?

When moving into an aged care home the amount you pay will depend on the home and room you choose, your own circumstances and means to pay for the available care and services. Your accommodation and care costs may be partly or fully covered by the government, which will be determined by a means assessment. 

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Will it suit my needs?

We have 68 homes in NSW, QLD, SA and VIC and all offer care for those requiring a short-term of longer stay, as well as helping people requiring urgent care. Our experienced and compassionate teams care for people with a range of complex conditions, including people living with dementia, as well as those requiring palliative and end-of-life-care.

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What are the next steps?

Moving home is a big decision, especially when it comes to aged care. Let us guide you through the process step-by-step with the right information at the right time. We will support you from your initial enquiry, answering your questions on the types of care we offer, the costs involved through to when you're ready to move into your new home.

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