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Our approach to sustainability

We know that for our organisation to have a sustainable future, it is dependent on the wellbeing of our people, supporting and integrating within our local communities and the continued health of the natural environment.

We have a Sustainability Strategy with three key focus areas and associated targets (to achieve by 2024) to help us reduce any potential negative impacts to the sustainability of our organisation and enhance our ability to deliver trusted, high-quality care to older Australians.


Supporting our people

We are an organisation built on the experience, skill and passion of our people. Hiring, training and retaining a skilled workforce, remains one of the greatest challenges aged care providers face. Our people and work strategy is about continuing to grow a positive culture, providing career progression opportunities that mean we’re the preferred employer of choice, to make sure we can attract the most experienced, dedicated and compassionate individuals to join our organisation.


Enhancing our community

Our residential aged care homes provide vital services to the local communities they operate in. Our community connections include local healthcare networks to ensure consistent care and services are available to older Australians in the community, as well as educational partnerships providing vocational opportunities for people in the local community, while supporting our strategy of a future with a skilled workforce. Other community connections help residents to feel connected and a sense of belonging while living in our homes. Our goals include developing a social impact framework to ensure our community connections and associated actions continue to provide the best benefit to the causes we support, while enhancing the care we provide to our residents.


Respecting our environment

Protecting the environment is a critical issue and key responsibility to ensure the future sustainability of our organisation and the protection of the environment for future generations. To support this, we have a responsibility to reduce unnecessary waste and minimise our consumption of finite resources to work towards reducing our contribution to climate change. Our goals include reducing our waste to landfill, water consumption, having a clear climate resilience plan and reducing our carbon emissions.

Read about our Corporate Strategy and Sustainability Strategy in our Sustainability Report 2023