Residential Aged Care Manager

Residential Aged Care Managers, are the pillars of each Estia Health home, creating a positive and lasting culture supporting all teams to deliver the best care possible to our residents, their families and our employees.

The role requires you to be passionate about caring for older Australians and motivated to always look at ways to progress and improve residents’ experiences while in our care. As a Residential Aged Care Manager you’re responsible for all operational aspects of the home, which requires strong business acumen. The role requires you to be a good communicator, always available, with patience and a compassionate ear to support residents and their families at an incredibly important time in their lives.

You will provide a safe environment for our staff to interact with the residents whilst ensuring that we are meeting the Aged Care Quality Commission standards. In order to undertake this position, you need to be able to lead people well, fostering commitment and a team spirit. You will need a strategic and commercial outlook to ensure that the home is not only aligned with Estia Health’s strategic outcomes but also their commercial outcomes, you will also need to be a positive leader who can develop strong internal and external relationships, driving a culture of safety, who can coach and motivate employees to enrich and celebrate the lives of Estia Health residents.