Lifestyle Coordinator

This exciting role requires you to be organised in planning activities and experiences, working closely alongside other teams within the home to provide the best experience possible for residents. This can include themed cultural days or celebrations in the year and you need to be energetic and outgoing, leading and collaborating with others to bring your vision to life. You also have the ability to make even the smallest moments matter in a resident’s life, providing a friendly smile, compassionate ear and a trusted person they know they can rely on to make a positive difference to their day.

As a Lifestyle Coordinator you’ll be a key part of residents’ daily lives. You will have a national calendar with over 128 different experiences to work from, plus you’ll be responsible to build a unique calendar of activities that align with your resident’s interests and hobbies. Providing new and innovative ideas to engage residents and contribute to their enjoyment in the home.

Lifestyle Assistant

Our Lifestyle Assistants play a very important role in assisting the team in providing innovating and quality personal, emotional care to residents. They are also responsible for implementing resident lifestyle programs, by planning, providing new and innovative ideas to engage residents and establishing goals.  Lifestyle Assistants are empathetic, have effective written and verbal communication skills, experience in lifestyle programs and possess strong reasoning and thinking skills.

Our Lifestyle Assistants also demonstrate visible and proactive leadership and commitment to achieving a safe and healthy workplace. They must all possess a respectful and compassionate communication style, excellent clinical documentation skills, proficient computer skills, be flexible to changing priorities, person centered and have a healthy respect for the elderly.