Our Care Directors work in close partnership with the home’s Executive Directors, to make sure all aspects of residents’ care is addressed, and families are supported as they make the difficult decision to move into residential aged care.

The role requires experienced clinicians, often with a broad background including working in the hospital sector, looking for a chance to build lasting and meaningful connections with people as they enter this incredibly important stage of their lives. They lead teams of nurses and carers to ensure they gain experience and develop their skills, mentoring the next generation of clinicians. Every day will bring its own challenges, requiring continued attention and an ability to multitask, while following all required aged care sector compliance and standards.

When a resident first moves into a home, the CD gets to know each individual to understand their unique care need, their background, likes and dislikes in combination with their medical needs, to ensure a holistic approach that looks at all aspects of their wellbeing. An important aspect of this role is to guide and support residents and their families as they navigate this incredibly important, but often challenging time, offering regular feedback and consultation with families on their loved one’s care and situation.

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