04 March 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 with Foram

International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder of the remarkable contributions women make around the world. Here at Estia Health we see them firsthand every day. This year we wanted to go beyond celebrating and delve deeper.

We asked four of our inspiring team members what this day means to them at their work and experience at Estia Health. Get ready to be inspired by Foram's story.

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Foram, Residential Aged Care Manager - Estia Health Daw Park


Growing Together

Foram, Residential Aged Care Manager at Estia Health Daw Park opens up about her incredible experiences and achievements.


What does that mean to you?

It’s about growing together - when a woman grows, she has an opportunity to be a role model and empower other women to grow. I came from a very small village in India called Bareja and have childhood memories of teaching younger children in the street. I think empowering others is in my blood.


How has Estia Health supported your progress?

I completed a Bachelor in Microbiology and further studies in Medical Laboratory Technology, working as a Microbiologist. I migrated to Australia on a student visa in 2008, with my husband. I completed Nursing studies and was selected to work as a Registered Nurse (RN) at Padman’s Aberfoyle Park (now Estia Health). In 2013, I became a Clinical Nurse (CN). I was encouraged to step up into the Care Director (CD) role and shortly after, was given the opportunity to perform an acting Residential Aged Care Manager (RACM) role where I found a real passion for leadership and empowering others to grow. I became RACM at Parkside in 2017, RACM at Kensington Gardens in 2021 and RACM at Daw Park in 2022. Without Estia Health recognising my potential determination and supportive leaders who had faith in me, I would not be where I am today.


What is your favourite part of being a woman and a woman working at Estia Health?

Being a mum to my two children. It’s a special feeling to know you can give your children opportunities that you didn’t have yourself. You can learn from anyone if you are open to it and children are great teachers.

With the support of a strong leader, I have been able to balance care responsibilities with my work commitments. Being RACM is a challenging role which requires you to wear many different hats and Estia Health has supported me to wear those hats well.


How has your experience as a woman changed during your life?

My experience as a woman has been shaped by many factors, not least of which has been the challenge of balancing my home life with my career. My time at Estia Health has helped me raise my sense of self-worth and has strengthened my resolve to contribute where I can to social change relating to equality in my sphere of influence, particularly in the workplace.


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