29 February 2024

Celebrating International Women's Day 2024 with Sammy

International Women’s Day is a powerful reminder of the remarkable contributions women make around the world. Here at Estia Health we see them firsthand every day. This year we wanted to go beyond celebrating and delve deeper.

We asked four of our inspiring team members what this day means to them at their work and experience at Estia Health. Get ready to be inspired by Sammy's story.

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Samphors ‘Sammy’, Personal Care Attendant - Estia Health Keysborough


Opportunity Calls

Samphors ‘Sammy’, Med-endorsed Personal Care Attendant at Estia Health Keysborough talks about her achievements on International Women's Day.


What does that mean to you?

To me, ‘counting her in’ is about giving women a voice. Here, women have an equal opportunity to achieve goals, update skills and step into leadership positions. Where I come from, women are not acknowledged in the same way.


How has Estia Health supported your progress?

I was born in Cambodia and came to Australia with my husband, in 2017. I remember my first interview for the Lifestyle Assistant role at Estia Health. I had not been living in Australia long and was still learning to speak English. I was nervous but everyone made me feel so comfortable. Estia Health has given me opportunities to upgrade my skills and find a role that is truly 02/2024 Page 3 of 4 suited to me. I tried working as a kitchen hand and was supported to take days off to attend school whilst I progressed into my Personal Care Attendant (PCA) role. Being a PCA has given me the opportunity to work closely with residents and brighten their mornings.


What is your favourite part of being a woman and a woman working at Estia Health?

Giving birth to a child is amazing. Being mum to an 18-month-old son has made me reflect on what it was like for my mother, raising four children whilst working. I’m so proud of her! It’s challenging enough with only one child. Since having a baby, I have been supported to work shifts that allow me to look after my son. Returning to work after parental leave reminded me of who ‘Sammy’ was outside of being a mum.


How has your experience as a woman changed during your life?

I’ve always cared for residents but having a baby has improved the level of care I am able to provide. In learning to look after my son, I have further developed skills such as patience and empathy. In Cambodian culture, men are the leaders of the family. When I came to Australia, I noticed that women were treated in a different way. There are many opportunities at Estia Health and in Australia for women. Back home, it is hard for a woman to be leaders but here, you can see a path ahead of you.


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