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Join the teams that provide support services

<p>Feel valued, empowered and recognised</p>

Feel valued, empowered and recognised

At Estia Health our support services teams provide invaluable assistance to our homes. 

Our organisation is built on the foundations of strong governance, with experienced Board members supported by an Executive team leading the organisation with the aim to continually deliver the highest standards of care possible. It’s these governance systems and experienced and passionate people that make Estia Health an organisation respected for our high standards of care and trusted to care for older Australians at such a crucial life stage.

Each of our 70+ aged care homes is managed by a Residential Aged Care Manager, who oversees the running of the aged care home, supported by a Care Director leading a skilled nursing team rostered on duty 24/7, and with the support of care, hospitality and lifestyle teams, all focused on enriching and celebrating residents’ lives.

Regional teams support homes with day-to-day operational activity, including human resources, purchasing, clinical care, customer service, hospitality and lifestyle and central services teams provide ongoing customer support including finance, billings, and communications.

<p>Eva's experience working in our Finance team</p>

Eva's experience working in our Finance team

Eva has worked at Estia Health for almost 3 years at a Financial Account Manager in our Melbourne Office. Her responsibilities include various reporting and commentaries for finance and business partnering with stakeholders, financial analysis, tax, and duties for our homes, and head offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

As an accountant, Eva finds immense personal fulfilment in her career. This is deeply rooted in her background and experiences. Growing up in a country with a substantial ageing population, she witnessed the challenges faced by seniors due to the absence of a well-regulated and systemic aged care industry. Upon relocating to Australia, she was struck by the maturity and effectiveness of the aged care industry here. She was particularly impressed by how it positively impacted the lives of senior Australians and their families. This realisation sparked a strong desire to contribute to this sector.

"Working as an aged care accountant has allowed me to do just that. I see it as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of seniors by ensuring the financial stability and viability of organisations that provide essential care and services. What makes this role uniquely fulfilling is the chance to blend my accounting skills with a compassionate approach".

"I have a manager that plays a pivotal role in helping me reach my full potential and a company that truly lives up to it’s values".

<p>Anita's experience working in our Clinical Services team</p>

Anita's experience working in our Clinical Services team

As the Head of Quality, Audit and Projects, Anita’s role encompasses a variety of duties and responsibilities and also means that she regularly visits all of our homes across four states. Together with her auditor colleague she also prepares our homes for accreditation.

Anita also reviews our policies and procedures with the goal of simplifying and streamlining them. Additionally, she supports our homes through compliance and sits on the Clinical Governance Committee in addition to chairing the Quality Improvement Committee. Most importantly, Anita is first and foremost a resident advocate.

Anita feels that it is imperative to talk and listen to residents and build up a strong rapport with them. One where they feel they can not only share the good feedback, but also any issues they may be having. And with that trust, the residents know that she will escalate the issue if it warrants it and organise the desired change or ensure that the staff get great feedback if the resident is really happy.

Anita had worked with a number of our Senior Executives before and feels that they are exemplary in their approach to management and ethics. “I feel listened too and valued, the people from the board down know exactly what they are doing and you are not here on your own. We overcome issues as a team”.  

<p>Cam's experience of working in our IT team</p>

Cam's experience of working in our IT team

Cameron (Cam) has a long history of working in aged care, over 18 years and came to us from Calvary, now known as Japara and we are thrilled to have that level of expertise and experience join us here at Estia Health.

With a background in IT, Cam is now Head of IT Operations with 11 employees reporting to him. Predominantly working out of our Victorian office, Cam also oversees and interacts with our homes across all four states and visits them regularly. He has been a wonderful addition to our team.

“I love working in aged care, I love that we are a people focused sector, when I finish every conversation I have, there is a person who trusts us to care for them and that is so important to me”.

“I find our principles and values extremely easy to connect with because they are inherently human values, they are not work values and they reflect who I am as a person. Estia Health practices its values very well”.

“Importantly, I would and do recommend Estia Health to others to work here, but not just to work but to also come and live with us”.

<p>Helen's experience working in our Marketing team</p>

Helen's experience working in our Marketing team

After over 10 years of working in account management for advertising agencies across Sydney and London, Helen then made the switch to work on the client side where she worked for large brands across retail, property and aged care. Now we are thrilled that, Helen has joined us as the Brand and Marketing Manager at Estia Health.

Helen’s role involves overseeing all aspects of the Estia Health brand and the brand initiatives within the business. Additionally, Helen also manages a range of internal and external marketing campaigns. These include internal people and culture initiatives and marketing campaigns for new launches, including home launches. 

Helen says “I enjoy the vibe of the company, there is an overall ethos of positivity and culture of care that runs throughout all parts of the business. I feel like it’s a supportive and caring work environment. There's never a dull moment, my role is always interesting and I always have a diverse range of tasks to be working on. Plus I feel I’m working for the greater good, to make a positive difference in the lives of senior Australians which is very rewarding”.

“The Estia Health principles and values ring true, throughout the business there is a sense of warmth and a feeling of kindness as you walk through the door. Both in our central services offices and our homes”.

<p>Maurice's experience of working in our People and Culture team&nbsp;</p>

Maurice's experience of working in our People and Culture team 

Maurice, our Talent and Acquisition Partner, has worked at Estia Health for almost two years. His position involves recruiting employees across the company for both corporate and residential leadership positions.

Maurice’s attraction to Estia Health was two-fold, there was a personal connection for him, as he wanted to join aged care and transition from IT. So far, he has been very happy with this decision, but he also realised that as an organisation Estia Health is in a transformative state that was going to provide him with an opportunity to be involved in projects that enabled change and improvement to the way talent acquisition functions.

He notes that Estia Health lives up to its values and principles, a common theme amongst those who work with us. Coming from a culture that was heavily sales orientated and with a Silicon Valley hard edge approach, his expectation was that Estia Health would be similar. What he found was very different. Whilst there are similarities in that both are agile, dynamic, nimble and collaborative in the same way, Estia Health has an open door policy from the top down that is far more approachable, amicable and collaborative, without the heavy sales influences.

<p>Andrew's experience working in our Property Services team</p>

Andrew's experience working in our Property Services team

Andrew started with us here at Estia Health in early June 2023. As a new hire, we were interested to find out how he found the process of joining us at Estia Health, our onboarding and the experience in general.

Andrew comes to us with a background in Senior Project Management in Aged Care, specializing in the property and development division. He has a long history of working in aged care, plus Lendlease and various government representative positions all to do with property construction and refurbishment.

Andrew’s decision to join Estia Health was based primarily on cultural fit. After frank and honest discussions over a period of time with our CEO Sean Bilton, Andrew knew that our senior staff turnover was low, especially during Covid. Importantly, there was no Executive turnover. This gave Andrew the confidence that Estia Health had a supportive culture that truly lived up to our values and principles.

Andrew found the onboarding process really terrific. “It has been efficient; the documentation was electronic and trouble free and far superior (especially compared to other big companies I have worked for) and the People and Culture person I dealt with was fantastic."

In all, the whole experience has been seamless. What Andrew has especially liked is that Estia Health has continued to live up to its values, especially under the context of aged care

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