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Wellbeing and lifestyle

Everyone needs stimulation to keep their mind active. This is particularly important for those who may not be as mobile as the used to be, and those whose social circles have decreased. Key to the care we deliver is providing a range of activities for our residents. 

All of our homes have a lifestyle team, who program daily events or activities based on residents’ input and feedback. This includes; games, cooking and craft, the arts, mind activities, cultural activities, and spiritual and religious events. Our lifestyle team also schedule regular outings to help our residents remain connected to their community, family and friends.

We regularly arrange visits from local community groups including schools, allowing residents to spend time with younger generations, a learning experience that helps build an amazing bond between younger and older people.

Each home provides a place to socialise, enjoy much-loved activities, take up new hobbies or simply have some time to relax.

You can read more about some of our homes’ latest activities and events below and on our news page.

Art therapy at Estia Health Tuncurry

Estia Health Tuncurry Art therapy is extremely rewarding for their residents and empoyees. The Men’s Shed made some silhouette Australian Animals for their new live interactive home art project. Once painted, the silhouette was stuck to the walls, then the fun begins, involving all residents, families, nursing and care employees to interact and engage in the live art therapy. Seeing residents stickering away for over 30mins with so much concentration and enjoyment was so rewarding. 

Performance art at Estia Health South Morang

Performance art and being young at heart have become major pastimes at Estia Health South Morang. Late last year a Drama and Choir group was born. Dancing, singing, comedy and storytelling acts were all embraced by the residents, family members and employees – culminating in a grand performance. Key events included one resident telling her life story, and one taking to the keyboard to entertain. The residents were thrilled to see their friends on stage and Estia Health employees in a different light. 

Resident gardeners at Estia Health Encounter Bay

Resident gardener Edna spends time every day (weather permitting) planting new flowers or cuttings from friends and family, watering the garden and trees in the courtyardand wedding the garden beds. 

Edna also takes cuttings from some of her plants to pot and sell at the monthly markets to raise money for her chosen charities.


Gardening project at Estia Health Kadina

Estia Health Kadina recently implemented a new gardening program at the home with residents planting a wide range of seedlings, including vegetables, herbs and flowers. Residents involved have formed new friendships with other residents during the program. Resident Ron has taken charge of the altering and spends a lot of time out in the garden each day attending to the plants. He is always excited to show everyone how they’re growing.