Signing an agreement for care, services and payment

Once you’ve chosen a home and your accommodation and decided to move in, we will formalise the offer by providing a resident agreement.

The agreement will cover: 

  • Accommodation costs: the value of the room you’ve selected and the amount you will contribute and any other relevant accommodation conditions as well as your chosen method to pay, either a full RAD/RAC, DAP/DAC or combination of both. 

  • Living costs: including details on any additional services you will pay an additional fee to us that are above the standard care and service. 

  • Care and support costs: the agreement will cover all the care and support services we will provide. 


Rights and responsibilities: the agreement will explain your rights and responsibilities as a resident, and the responsibilities your aged care home has to you in line with the Charter of Aged Care Rights 
Security of tenure: details how we will continue to support you as your needs change, known as “ageing in place”. It will also include details around when you can be asked to leave, how to exit the agreement, and how to move to another aged care home. 
When you’re happy with the terms of the agreement(s), you can ‘enter into an agreement’. This is usually done by signing the agreement(s) to declare that you understand and accept the terms as it’s a legal contract. You have a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period to inform us if you change your mind.  
Our client relations team will be happy to talk you through the agreement and answer any questions you might have. 

Get in touch on  1300 682 833.