08 May 2024

Canine tales unite generations

<h2 class="text-dark-teal text-3xl mb-3">Residents and lifestyle team created a heartwarming book about their beloved dogs.</h2>

Residents and lifestyle team created a heartwarming book about their beloved dogs.

In the heart of a senior living community at Estia Health Salisbury, existed a bond between the residents and their cherished canine companions. The vibrant tales of these four-legged friends echoed through the hallways, shared by the residents with a twinkle in their eyes. It was from these stories that the seed of an idea sprouted – the creation of a book that would capture the essence of these canine companions and the memories they had etched into the lives of the residents.

The initiative didn't stem from a single mind but was a collaborative effort between the residents and the dedicated Estia Health Salisbury Lifestyle team. Recognising the need to encourage reminiscence, the team embarked on a journey to compile these heartwarming stories into a book that would serve as a testament to the residents' enduring connections with their loyal pets.

Eleven residents bravely took up the pen to weave their stories, while six others eagerly picked up the brush to illustrate the pages of this extraordinary book. As the ink flowed and the colours danced across the canvases, the residents found themselves not just authors and artists but creators of a tangible legacy.

With the completion of the book, a grand unveiling awaited. A book launch was orchestrated, attended by residents, their families, and the dedicated staff. The room buzzed with excitement as the pages were turned, revealing the rich tapestry of canine tales that had been carefully woven together.

But the journey didn't stop there. The book embarked on a tour, visiting three childcare centres and one kindergarten. The residents became ambassadors of their stories, sharing the magic of their book with young hearts eager to listen. Each visit was a celebration, with the residents presenting the children with their cherished creation.

Amidst the joyous interactions, a song named "Paw Print on My Heart" emerged from the creative minds of the lifestyle team. With guitar in hand, they serenaded the audience at the book launch and every childcare centre and kindergarten they visited. The residents joined in the festivities, adding their voices to familiar Wiggles tunes, creating an atmosphere of shared joy and laughter.


Dog Story 1 EH Salisbury.png

The outcomes of this heartwarming venture were as delightful as the journey itself. The childcare centres, touched by the intergenerational connection, expressed a desire to continue the program. Two centres envisioned a new project – children writing books about their mischievous dogs, with the residents lending their artistic talents. The third centre harboured dreams of a Christmas visit to the residents home, and plans were set in motion to transport the children to the heart of the residents community, Estia Health Salisbury.

As the pages of the book turned and the echoes of laughter and shared stories reverberated through the community, it became evident that this project had not only immortalised the residents' canine tales but had also woven a tapestry of newfound connections, bridging generations and fostering a sense of belonging for all involved. And so, in this community of stories, the book became a beacon of joy, uniting the young and the old in a tapestry of shared memories and lasting friendships.