14 October 2021

Chris' love of the kitchen

For over 40 years, he ran multiple fish and chip shops across Sydney and supplied home-made hamburgers to shops in the area. Sadly, when Chris’s wife passed away recently, he hadn’t wanted to get involved in any of the home’s activities, but during a conversation with the team, Chris shared his passions for food and life as a Chef. With a combined effort from the Maintenance, Lifestyle and Hospitality teams, they looked at opportunities to involve him in activities they thought would rekindle his passions and find purpose again.

After completing a risk assessment, the team set about getting Chris involved and started with the kitchen! The home hosted a Chef's Table in the kitchen and invited Chris as a guest – the hospitality team cooked fish and chips and served these fresh from the fryer onto the plate - Chris loved the experience. He has also helped out with food preparation and most recently took part in a BBQ excursion, where he enjoyed preparing, BBQ-ing and slicing and serving a beautiful piece of lamb to his fellow residents and is now looking forward to sharing his home-made hamburgers with them next!