22 June 2022

Pride Month 2022

At Estia Health one of our principles is embracing diversity. Embracing diversity is a vital element to the success of an inclusive, compassionate and respectful workplace and it’s what makes you, you.

Which is why we wholeheartedly embrace celebrating Pride Month in June. Pride Month is recognised as LGBTIQA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Asexual) Month.

And at Estia Health, we acknowledge and celebrate all our employees, residents and family members who identify as LGBTIQA+ through our foundation of feeling positive and valued, heard, and empowered plus safe and connected.

Maurice started with Estia Health in late 2021, and when asked how he felt aout Estia Health’s approach to diversity and inclusivity, he said:

“Out of all the organisations I’ve worked for so far, Estia Health embraces diversity to a level I’ve never experienced before and that includes LGBTQIA+ team members inclusivity into the organizational culture and ethos as a valid and valued part of the business”.

Richard - Copy-content-mobile_600x300-WEB.jpg

Richard, one of our Victorian Executive Directors, embodies Estia Health’s family values. Richard was thrilled to have the chance to chat, and loves how inclusive, warm and embraced he has been. He has always felt comfortable that he’s been able to be open and honest about his relationship with his partner, Anthony who he has lived with for 14 years coming up this November. Together with his two gorgeous pups, sisters Lucy and Maggie the Moodle’s, Richard and Anthony are enjoying all the benefits of living in Melbourne, after Richard followed his heart, moving from Newcastle in NSW.

With a very impressive background in Nursing and Psychology, Richard loves his job and the residents at Heidelberg, although he is aware, that being open about his sexuality is not always appropriate with the residents. “They are a different age, and it was a different time back then, with bigotry and condemnation, so you don’t always know how people will take it, and being in a position of authority and respect, I am not always as open, but I will certainly tell them if asked. But with staff and team members I feel very embraced and just love it here at Estia Health”.  Richard feels it is very important to normalize gay relationships, just like any other.

Richard has come back to work here at Estia Health for a second time, as he has always felt 100% valued and explained that not one single person doesn’t know he is gay, he even felt extremely comfortable disclosing this in his initial interview. “I love the Estia Health family values. You really do feel like a part of a family. I am here on an eight-month contract, and I will be devastated to leave. Estia Health’s values truly resonate with me”

As we look forward to celebrating Pride Month at our homes over the coming weeks, we will be serving rainbow cupcakes. Why rainbow? Well, it’s the symbol for the LGBTIQA+ pride.

Did you know that each color on the flag has its own meaning? In the widely known six-color flag, red is symbolic of life, orange is symbolic of healing, yellow is sunshine, green is nature, blue represents harmony and purple is spirit. In the original eight-color flag, hot pink was included to represent sex and turquoise to represent magic/art.

There have been many variations on the flag. In 2021, the flag was altered in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protests, including black to represent diversity, brown to represent inclusivity and light blue and pink, the colours of the trans pride flag.