17 July 2023

Our Chef Masterclass suppliers

Our Masterclass suppliers and supporters – making a great team together.


It was another highly successful Chef Masterclass series held in Sydney on 5-6 July 2023 at the William Angliss Institute in Sydney. And these courses cannot be as successful as they are without the support of our suppliers and supporters. So who are they?

Let’s start with where our classes are held. Our Masterclasses are held at The William Angliss institute in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. William Angliss is Australia’s Largest Specialist centre for food, tourism, hospitality and events education and training. With campuses all over Australia and now opening up all over the world, their kitchens are state of the art. Our Chefs were lucky enough to be able to train in them for two days at a time and it shows the dedication and development of our masterclass training program.

Next, we were thrilled to have our partner Meat and Livestock Australia demonstrate a multitude of dishes and the best way to cook various cuts of beef and different recipes. Chef Julie Ballard from MLA spent two days educating the team. Julie’s expertise was gratefully accepted by all the Chefs who felt that they learnt an enormous amount.

Next up we had the team from Unilever who supply Estia Health with a wide range of products. Patricia Gimber gave a wonderful talk on Unilever as a company and how they can help our Chefs and then Andrew Ballard spent two days demonstrating various cooking methods using Unilever ingredients to change up everyday food into exciting dishes.

Lastly, we had Robert Mackenzie and Andrew Shofay from Mackas Black Angus Beef speak to our Chefs about their product, black angus beef. Mackas Beef is renowned for its exceptional quality and they only supply high end customers in the export and domestic market. Estia Health homes are the only aged care homes that are supplied by Mackas, a fact that Estia Health is very proud of. Knowing our products can be traced from paddock to our homes with no middleman is a huge bonus for us. This magnificent product is loved by our residents.

The Sydney Masterclass July 2023 at William Angliss Sydney.