31 August 2023

EstiaAcademy trains our leaders of the future

As one of Australia’s leading aged care providers, Estia Health is committed to developing its future leaders. The Estia Health Leadership Program is designed to accelerate leader growth and effectiveness through increasing self-awareness and providing our future leaders with the skills to lead well.

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We partner with the expert facilitators and Estia Health senior leaders to deliver a comprehensive leadership program. This professional development through the EstiaAcademy supports professional development for future and current leaders. 

Recently two leadership programs were held in Melbourne with great success. What was clear was that our Nurses arrived at the course unsure of their leadership abilities and left feeling like they could tackle leadership head on. After speaking with three of our participants, this was how they felt about the course at the end of the week. 

“Having worked diverse roles at Estia Health, I've fostered deep connections with all stakeholders. Encouragement from leaders like Kelly and Geet propelled me towards the leadership course. Now, not just a nurse, but a leader, I'm equipped to make strategic decisions, improve staff communication and envision a transformative path. The course illuminated my leadership identity, enhancing my journey from nurse to management, thanks to the trust of my current leaders. It's reshaped my perspective, empowering adept decision-making, and enabling me to guide staff through coaching, ultimately defining a new trajectory” 

"I recognised the need for greater confidence and management skills when I stepped into the Infection Protection & Control (IPC) Lead role. Last year, I took the initiative and became the IPC Lead, receiving my manager’s enthusiastic approval. I'm amazed by the investment in us and the immense positive impact. This course reshaped my ability to set expectations and communicate effectively. I've gained the courage to speak up and overcome cultural barriers, especially crucial as we guide numerous trainees."

"I aimed to advance in my career and gain self-assured leadership. My manager’s support and positive feedback has motivated me for over two years. Pre- and post-course growth was evident, from improved communication and conflict resolution to recognising team responsibility. The course mirrored my potential, making me confident in leadership. Enhanced confidence equips me for future challenges and career growth, aspiring me to become a Care Director or Residential Aged Care Manager stand-in. Delegation is now embraced, reinforcing my commitment to staff responsibilities."

Chief Operating Officer Damian Hiser gave several insightful presentations over the five month program. Along with Kerry Ewing, Head of Quality and Development and Marguerite Tuvey, Clinical Development Partner who celebrated their recent graduation.