05 October 2023

Nursing upskill program is a winner for nurses and residents

Recently Marguerite Tuvey and Kerry Ewing designed an immersive two day workshop as part of a Clinical Development initiative that was originally designed for newly graduated RNs that were not part of an official new grad program.

This program has now been delivered to all states and regions for the company and its evolved so that it has also been delivered to more experienced RNs as a way to refresh and further develop their knowledge and enhance their skills.

Marguerite delivered the education to 36 nurses in the Melbourne East North Region (24 in South Morang in their historic schoolhouse), but has also delivered it to a total of 84 Registered Nurses across the business. Part of the program includes a workbook that they use throughout the 2 days and keep as part of a reflective resource and with a personal learning plan that they create. There is also a skills assessment which encompasses documentation and compassionate communication. Marguerite also checks in with the participant’s Care Directors a couple of weeks post the session and then at 3 months to get feedback and see if theory has transitioned into practice. The feedback from the CDs has been extremely positive, stating that those nurses have now improved in confidence and also are leading in some of those key things taught such as person centred care, SIRS (serious incident response scheme) and STOP AND WATCH.

Many of the nurses have found it to be a reward and investment from Estia Health into their growth as clinicians. The feedback has been great as they’ve learned to apply their professional standards of nursing and Estia Health's person centred care framework to the care they provide for the residents in our homes.  All of the participants receive a Clinical Development Certificate with 15 hours of CPD and this is signed by both Sean and Leanne, which is a highlight for the participants. 

Enormous congratulations to Marguerite and Kerry for designed such a brilliant program that has been so well received by our nurses.