09 May 2024

International Nurses Day 2024

Learn why a number of our Enrolled Nurses, who are currently undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing through our Nurse Scholarship Program, choose to be a nurse in aged care.

Tina Victory mobile.png

“You get to make a difference and advocate for residents. It’s an opportunity to give them the care they need and treat how they should be treated. You also get to support respite residents to be able to get back on track and go back home because they don’t always want to come to aged care, they want to be at home.”
Tina - Estia Health Salisbury




IND2024-Amy mobile.jpg

“I fell into aged care. I was a beauty therapist before this and enjoyed making people feel better in a ‘hands on’ way. I’ve always liked making people feel better and just liked the personal side of providing care and building long-term relationships with residents. There’s something special about it. You are there from the beginning to the end and share a journey together.”
Amy - Estia Health Myrtle Bank






IND2024 Scott mobile.jpg

“I always wanted to work in the medical field. I saw nursing as a great way to get my foot in the door. The number one thing that makes it so easy to keep coming back to work in aged care is the team and supportive management I have. My favourite thing about being a nurse in aged care is learning clinical skills and being able to implement my nursing knowledge to help residents in my care.”
Estia Health Taree






IND Karandeep mobile.jpg

“I like talking to residents and listening to their stories, listening to their worries, showing empathy and making them laugh. It’s the little things I can do to improve their day that I like about aged care. Understanding a resident’s background and story, makes it much easier to support them to work through challenges they might be experiencing as part of their changing care needs.”
Estia Health Wattle Glen






IND2024-Betty mobile.png

“I love working with older people. I have older parents back home and lived with my grandparents too. Since coming to Australia, I’ve worked in aged care for 17 years. It’s easy to build relationships with residents and I can’t see myself working anywhere else.”
Estia Health Hope Valley