11 August 2022

<h2 class="text-dark-teal text-3xl mb-3">Aged Care Employee Day - a chat with Kerry</h2>

Aged Care Employee Day - a chat with Kerry

Kerry hasn’t always worked as Residential Aged Care Manager with Estia Health. Previously, she was managing a registered training organisation for financial services and healthcare. Having predominantly worked in hospitals as a Registered Nurse and then being asked to teach Cert IV in aged care, Kerry realised she needed more experience in this area. So, she began working part time at the Padman Health Care Group, which Estia Health bought out in 2014.

But it wasn’t long before Kerry loved working in the aged care sector and in 2013, she applied to work full time and became the new Residential Aged Care Manager at Parkside. “It was challenging, but I got to spend time with residents and staff and just loved it. I stayed there for 18 months leading the home caring for 40 residents and then Pru, the then Regional Manager offered me position of Residential Aged Care Manager at Salisbury East, in December 2014 which was closer to home.”

For Kerry, managing Salisbury East has been a process of getting the home to work really well. Which has meant getting the right fit of staff and recruiting those who have a real love of aged care. Which means finding brilliant nurses and care staff and only wanting to employ people who are passionate about caring and making a difference. “During the recent turmoil with covid, we all pulled together as a team so well, we didn’t need one agency staff member, I was so incredibly proud of the staff, all of them. We had staff working 12-hour shifts, staff doing extra days, everyone went above and beyond. All because they love the residents and they care so much about them – we really are a family here”.

“I am always going on to my friends how brilliant Estia Health is. I tell them we have such a supportive company; they get sick of hearing me say how wonderful it is! The executives know our names, they know our homes intimately and our residents. There is room for growth, career pathways and they work beyond what they are employed to do – giving us new pathways and so many opportunities. Why would you go to another company? Because you won’t get the same support as you would with Estia Health if you were wanting a job in aged care”.

My job is challenging, but that’s what I enjoy about it, it’s never boring, I used to be the community health nurse in pharmacies, and it was so boring, and I cannot stand being bored and I can honestly say I have never been bored with Estia Health. There are so many aspects with this job, you won’t get bored, rostering, budgeting, recruiting, surveys, meeting with residents, work health and safety, so many aspects to the role. It’s multi-faceted and I just love it.

At Estia Health we are so lucky to have Kerry working with us.

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