09 August 2022

<h2 class="text-dark-teal text-3xl mb-3">Aged Care Employee Day - a chat with Kalpana</h2>

Aged Care Employee Day - a chat with Kalpana

Kalpana began her nursing career with Estia Health in 2020. After studying the accelerated nursing program for two years in South Australia, (having already obtained a previous science degree). Kalpana joined as a new Registered Nurse graduate. Working with 169 of our residents who call Ringwood home. she loved it. “I learnt so much and everyone was so supportive that I just didn’t want to leave when my graduate year finished”. “I worked across all three buildings when I first joined and learnt so much”.
Kalpana first came to Estia Health on a placement from the university for two weeks. It was then that she began to learn about the aged care industry. Whilst working on that placement, Kalpana also worked in Ringwood’s Memory Support Unit. Now, three years later, she has been promoted to the position of Clinical Care Coordinator, responsible for the care of 36 residents plus managing and leading the clinical team to excellence. “It is challenging and dynamic. Critically, supporting some residents, sensitively and compassionately who cannot make decisions. So, I work in conjunction with their families”.
Kalpana says that the Memory Support Unit rapidly changes. With residents who are very lovely and sometimes agitated. “They know me and will often calm down when they see me. It is my job to provide kindness, understanding and care”.
Our residents love living at Ringwood and some have been here as long as 16 years and don’t want to ever leave. They regularly go on bus trips, to the movies, have walking groups and go on scenic drives. Plus, they enjoy a variety of inside activities including puzzles, armchair travel, puppet and talent shows and are regularly visited by entertainers, which they enjoy immensely.
Like several other employees, Kalpana feels such loyalty to Estia Health that she is prepared to travel one and a half hours each way per day to get to Ringwood, despite there being homes much closer to where she lives. “The teamwork and working environment is something I just love, it is so welcoming – I am so happy here, I don’t want to work anywhere else”.
Kalpana is now on track to go even further with her career with Estia Health. She is currently studying her Master of Public Health and is also looking at courses in Health Care, Management and Leadership.

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