12 June 2024

Behind the Scenes: A Culinary Journey at Estia Health

Estia Health's Nathan Griffiths and Kunal Patel shared a glimpse into the heart of our culinary operations at the recent Aged Care Catering Summit in Sydney. 

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Nathan, our dedicated Hospitality Manager, and Kunal, the talented Head Chef at Estia Health St Ives, spoke passionately about the love and care that goes into the meals we serve.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Nathan and Kunal believe that the secret to each of our kitchen’s success lies in strong leadership, teamwork and a deep understanding of our residents’ unique needs. Nathan supports our chefs across multiple homes, ensuring high standards and harmonious coordination, creating a supportive environment that allows our chefs to pour their hearts into each meal. This dedication extends to tailoring meals to meet diverse dietary requirements and preferences. From texture modifications to managing allergies, and most importantly, knowing what our residents love to eat, Nathan and Kunal’s approach is both flexible and considerate.

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Engaging residents in every bite

Our dedication to fresh, home-style cooking and commitment to engaging them in our culinary journey, strikes a chord with our residents. Nathan echoes this sentiment, emphasising the value of involving residents in menu planning, fosters a sense of community. This deep connection extends to our kitchen operations, where efficiency is paramount. Our skilled team, well-maintained tools and clear communication, means our chefs can focus on cooking with care.

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Celebrating diversity through food

Additionally, cultural and festive celebrations serve as vibrant opportunities to introduce new flavours and experiences to our residents. Nathan and Kunal reminisced about recent Diwali festivities, where our chefs unveiled delightful new dishes, elevating these moments beyond mere dates on a calendar to experiences of joy and inclusion.

The care and dedication that Nathan and Kunal spoke about are reflected in the meals we serve at Estia Health. Their stories remind us all of the love and commitment that make our food service operations truly special.