05 December 2022

How to make the perfect ham glaze – the Estia Health way

At Estia Health, we regularly survey our residents and ask them what dishes they would like to eat. One of their favourites at Christmas is always the ham – and you can’t have a spectacular ham without a brilliant honey mustard glaze.

<p>Ham glaze Recipe</p>

Ham glaze Recipe


500ml Orange juice
100g brown sugar
60g honey
60g seeded mustard
1 star anise
5 cloves
1 cinnamon stick


Prep your ham:
1. Remove the rind just short of the knuckle.

2. Score with a diamond effect and stud with cloves if required.

1. Mix altogether in a small thick bottom pan with a whisk until combined. Put on low heat until it’s reduced by ¼ and slightly thick.

2. Baste base ham every 20-30 mins with mix until it is all used. Once all has been used continue to use the runoff in the pan until core temp of the ham is reached and the ham has a nice orange golden colour.