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When Ian came to stay

Initially Ian was apprehensive about coming into aged care, but he had suffered a series of falls in his family home and was struggling to cope, so began to come into Estia Health for short periods of respite care. 

Ian says ‘The best thing about coming in for short-term care was that it was so much easier for my wife – when I was falling it was not fair on her. I’m a big guy, and she would struggle to pick me up and help me’. ‘She bought me a special chair (which cost a fortune) to try and make me more comfortable and help me get up and out of it - but it was quite low, and it was just terrible and it was so hard to get in and out. I’ve learnt you have to be very careful where you sit!’ ‘I would come in for a week and we would both feel better after having a period of respite – then I would go home, and I’d have another bad fall. I came in about five or six times, but after this, we decided it was best I moved in permanently.

Since moving in, I haven’t felt like I’m about to have a fall. I think it’s the fact that I’ve always got something to hang on to, either the railing or a seat, and I have people here to help me - these have made me feel much safer and more stable.’ When Ian first moved in, all the staff were very friendly – they all knew his name and took the time to get to know him. Ian quickly started to like Estia and appreciated the daily care he received. 

Regular outings are an important part of the care ‘I like to go to the Men’s Shed on Thursdays and Fridays – in fact I love it. I used to be a mechanic by trade, but I don’t do anything like that anymore. I just like to go down and play snooker and have a rest. The thing I enjoy most about the Men’s Shed is the company and the friendly banter’, says Ian. ‘It’s nice when my wife comes to visit – we sit in my room and we just get to talk.

The most important thing to me living here is the staff, they all respect you and they treat you well.’ 

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