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Virtual Reality at Estia Health Werribee

With research suggesting the benefits of sensory activities for those experiencing dementia, Estia Health Werribee have introduced an innovative virtual reality experience into their monthly lifestyle program.  

Residents have greatly enjoyed the experience, referring to it as the best sensory stimulation they have had. “We’re looking forward to the experience again and again!” Since commencing the program, staff have also observed that residents are notably calmer after using the virtual reality sets.

Residents taking part wear headsets displaying panoramic views of enjoyable footage such as swimming with fish and adventures like roller coaster rides. “Our residents reach out and try to hold things and describe what they were seeing,” shared Simran Bhardwaj, Activities Coordinator at Estia Health Werribee. “Other times, you just see those big smiles.”

The headset goggles can be fitted to a phone, allowing staff to pick visual footage from different applications. This allows the home to change the visuals to complement the individualised needs of the resident. The team at Werribee see the benefits of this program ongoing, and are looking forward to continuing this experience for their residents.

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