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South Coast bushfires: Truckload of love to Nerrigundah

As published in Narooma News, February 12, 2020

To help with Nerrigundah's healing, on Friday, February 7, Narooma volunteer groups delivered a gift on the back of a truck.

A shipping container was lovingly positioned by a surviving barn, currently being used as a community centre. It will be used to store salvaged belongings, tools and the many foodstuffs, water and goods donated to the stricken community after the New Year's Eve bushfire.

Narooma Quota, Lions and Rotary members with Councillor Lindsay Brown and Ron Threlfall after delivering a big gift to help Nerrigundah heal. © Narooma News. 

Councillor Lindsay Brown sourced the container from Bay Removals. Narooma's Quota International, Narooma Lions Club and Narooma Rotary went thirds in the cost.

It was a great opportunity for the community to get together and facilitate such a wonderful piece of infrastructure which is so desperately needed in these places," Cr Brown said.

The community's goods can now be stored and secured, making more room in the barn for music and gatherings.

It is a good place for people to gather and have a good time and forget about the fire for a little while," Mr Threlfall said.

As the shipping container slid off the back of the truck, everyone clapped.

Mrs Threlfall shed a few tears as she thanked those gathered. "The amount of people who have just come here and have done things and coordinated things has been amazing," she said.

Narooma Rotary president Bob Aston said: "We are pleased to be able to help this little community get back on their feet." "It is a different way of helping the community - it's something they need and can free up the space they have in this building," Quota treasurer Susan Pryke said.







Margaret Latimer and Bob Aston. Both Lions and Rotary clubs worked alongside each other during the fire crisis. 
© Narooma News. 

Mrs Threlfall said so many people had gone above and beyond in their efforts to help each other.

Not all heroes wear yellow," she said.

I saw heroes at my work (Estia Health, Dalmeny): the nurses who stayed and did double shifts, the cleaners and people in the kitchen who worked around the clock.

"The doctors all looked so tired, they had been working in the evacuation centre.

"People are pretty special."

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