Emerging Leaders Program

At Estia Health, we believe that true leadership lies in making a difference and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to nurture and enhance the skills and qualities required for effective leadership. The following programs are provided to current and future leaders:

Emerging Leadership Programs:

Emerging leadership programs are designed to identify and cultivate promising individuals who demonstrate potential for leadership roles. To ensure fairness and inclusivity, leadership development programs often allow individuals to self-nominate or apply based on their merits. This approach encourages employees to take ownership of their career development and showcase their qualifications, skills, and aspirations for leadership roles.

Leadership fundamentals:

Leadership Fundamentals develops leaders' abilities to effectively manage and inspire their teams.  This program provides insights into authentic leadership, inclusive communication and problem solving, team-building, and other essential skills needed to lead and motivate others successfully.

Frontline Leadership Programs: Frontline leadership programs cater to individuals who are responsible for leading people either formally, or informally. These programs address the unique challenges and demands faced by frontline leaders, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively manage their teams, communicate well, make decisions, and build inclusive and strong cultures.

Our leadership development programs encompass a range of initiatives, methodologies, and resources to nurture leaders, promote self-ownership, and cultivate a positive and safe environment for our people.

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