Dining at Estia

All the menus prepared by our on-site chefs are nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of our residents. Our chefs are encouraged to create interesting options that reflect the personal preferences of residents, and incorporate local or seasonal produce where possible.

Meet the Roaming Diners

Roaming Diners is where food is enjoyed and friendships are formed. A well-loved program created in partnership with one of our very own residents, our Roaming Diners are a team of residents in Victoria that travel to other Estia homes to evaluate the dining experience and share their feedback.

We work hard to share the experiences and successes of menu options across all our homes to ensure that we keep our menus fresh, interesting and relevant. Our award winning catering philosophy empowers our chefs to be creative about the delivery of their menus.

We encourage you and your families to share recipes that are particular favourites for inclusion in daily meals, morning or afternoon teas.  We all have a meal that nobody makes the way Mum used to, but our chefs are prepared to try.