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Fresh food philosophy

We understand the importance of a well prepared, home cooked meal. Each Estia Health home is equipped with an on-site kitchen and our teams take pride in providing nutritionally balanced meals that are cooked fresh daily to meet the diverse needs of our residents.

Our food philosophy is ‘thoughtfully sourced, freshly prepared, served with love’. Each home’s menu is crafted based on residents’ preferences with dishes that our residents have enjoyed their whole lives. Where possible, we source from Australian producers with a focus on fresh ingredients and from suppliers who are recognised as the best in their field. We are continuing to invest in training our chefs, running masterclasses to upskill them in delivering nutritious, quality meals for all residents. Our food is prepared fresh for each meal service.  

Our on-site chefs are always keen to learn about our residents’ unique dietary requirements, whether it’s for medical or cultural reasons or simply to try out a new family favourite! Our chefs have the expertise to create nutritious, delicious options to suit everyone. Our residents always have the choice to dine in their bedroom, however we encourage use of the dining room to make the most of this valuable social time and welcome family and friends to join us for meals.