Why choose Estia?

We recognise that entering aged care is an incredibly personal and complex decision and one size does not fit all. We are mindful that Australians need choices, each of our homes adapt their services and programs to support the needs and preferences of the residents in their care, and their friends and family.

We know that many people worry about having to change their lifestyle, losing a level of independence along with their address. We work hard to create a safe, personal and comfortable environment that embraces you and your family, allowing you to remain connected and involved with your community.

We take pride in the diversity across our homes. We know that what makes a house a home is very personal and we work hard to provide options to assist you with finding the right place.  Each of our homes has a distinct personality that represents the residents and employees within while maintaining the highest standards of clinical care. 

Our homes are designed to support the changing personal needs of our residents in ways that are seamless and dignified. All of our employees understand the importance of maintaining independence and wellbeing and work hard to help our residents remain involved with the people and activities they love.