08 March 2023

International Women's Day

From Rosa Parks to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, countless women have inspired us throughout history and made an impact in the world. And on this day, International Women’s Day, executives at Estia Health have reflected on the women who have inspired them and how they have impacted their lives.

"Brindha Gunasingham – I owe so much to the brilliant lady who gave me the first two jobs of my career after Uni. She gave me a chance when others wouldn’t, was kind, patient, nurturing and a friend. She also happened to be about the smartest person I’ve ever met. I would not be where I am today without Brindha taking a chance on me 24 years ago and then ensuring I had every opportunity to reach my potential. I’ll be eternally grateful to her."
Sean Bilton, Chief Executive Officer, Estia Health

"The female leader that had the most impact on me was Catherine O’Hara. She was my Operating Room Manager and she was the first leader I had that asked me what I was planning to do in my nursing career. I was in my 20s and I thought I would happily remain an operating room nurse but she inspired me to think more broadly about what I could achieve. Without that significant conversation I would not have had the wonderful experiences and opportunities that then followed."
Leanne Laidler – Chief Quality and Risk Officer, Estia Health

"Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was a renowned author, poet, and civil rights activist who inspired and empowered millions of people through her writings and activism. She was one of the most prominent female leaders of the 20th century, known for her powerful and moving speeches and writing on race, gender, and social justice.
Angelou's life story is an inspiring example of perseverance, courage, and determination. She faced numerous challenges throughout her life, including poverty, abuse, and discrimination, but she never let these experiences define her. Instead, she used them to drive her activism and inspire others to overcome adversity.
As a leader, Angelou was unapologetic in her beliefs and always stood up for what she believed in, no matter the consequences. She was an advocate for women's rights, speaking out against gender inequality and inspiring women to believe in themselves and their abilities. She also used her platform to raise awareness about the importance of education and literacy, believing that knowledge was the key to unlocking one's potential.
Angelou's impact on society was profound, and she remains an inspiration to many people around the world. Her writing and activism have touched the lives of millions and her legacy continues to inspire future generations of female leaders."
Suzy Watson – General Counsel, Estia Health