10 May 2023

Celebrating International Nurses Day

At Estia Health we have a dedicated leadership program for nurses who not only want to advance their skills, but already show a tremendous worth ethic and demonstrated leadership skills.

Nominated by her Executive Directors within the homes, Seval is a great example of what nursing should be about, the quest for further knowledge, whilst providing guidance and sharing knowledge with those they work with, all whilst taking excellent care of our residents.

<h4 class="text-dark-teal text-xl mb-3">Seval Dorfer</h4>

Seval Dorfer

I have seen the recent Covid 19 pandemic cast a revealing light on the correlation between the role of the nursing profession and our community’s health and stability. The effectiveness of aged care health in Australia, during the recent pandemic, was in direct correlation to the quality of the nurses driving care and management at ground zero. This has given me the belief that in order to see age care in Australia rise to the challenges that present themselves during such as a pandemic, age care nurses need to have a voice at the most foundational levels of policy development, as well as access to further education and development of skill sets in the areas of infection prevention and control. I believe we have entered an era in age care nursing were infection prevention and control rests in the hands of each and every age care nurse. The equipping of age care nurses to rise to this challenge is a necessary goal for the future of nurses in the sector.

My career as a Registered Nurse has spanned more than 30 years. During this time my roles have included, Cardiology, Intensive Care, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Research Coordinator for St Vincent’s Hospital Heart Transplant Team, as well as Infection Prevention and Control Link (receiving the first Covid positive patients as they disembarked their cruise ship in the Illawarra). I have entered Estia Health with skills in critical thinking and assessment, clinical and personnel management, clinical research and development, quality improvement and policy development, clinical teaching and Infection Prevention and Control. I believe that as nurses we have the ability inspire others to act, simply by the way we conduct ourselves each and every day. Finally, I believe it is my responsibility, to use my experience, to allow my fellow colleagues to be the best version of age care nursing the Australian age care health system needs to move forward.