10 May 2023

Celebrating International Nurses Day

The theme for International Nurses Day this year is Our Nurses. Our Future. In order to address the global health challenges and improve global health for all, we need to learn from the lessons of the pandemic and translate these into actions for the future that ensure nurses are protected, respected and valued.

This International Nurses Day, we are interviewing Lyka, after having expressed an interest in the Estia Health Leadership Program. Her hard work and dedication has been endorsed by her Residential Aged Care Managers. 

<h4 class="text-dark-teal text-xl mb-3">Lyka Villamor</h4>

Lyka Villamor

Looking forward into the future of nursing in Aged Care, we have witnessed the resilience of nurses in all aspects of healthcare, most especially during the Pandemic.

We went through the heartbreak of when families lost their loved ones and when nurses had excessive workloads due to staff shortages. I believe post pandemic; nurses were more visible to the eyes of many. For nurses to be protected, nurses must be trusted and valued more.
I can already see the change of the nurses’ roles post pandemic. Nurses are now more independent and empowered in the workplace. The government and the employers are creating avenues for nurses, such as the Infection Prevention and Control nurse, to be more autonomous in Aged Care.

It was actually my Residential Aged Care Manager (RACM) at Estia Health that enabled me to contribute my skills and knowledge in our home. I personally feel that I am fortunate to be able to share the experience I have. I believe my contributions provide a potential for changes in practice across the organisation. As an IPC (Infection, Prevention and Control) Nurse working as a part of a collaborative IPC team across Estia Health, I provide education and mentoring to staff at all levels. I provide direction, and input into the implementation of policies and processes. And actively contribute to quality improvement, and I lead by example.

I was nominated by my RACM to participate in this Leadership Program offered by Estia Health. I am blessed to have incredible role models that promoted my growth in an environment where I’m comfortable. I know that I have a lot to learn and I will be able to do that by pursuing this path and growing in a challenging domain. I can impart my knowledge as an Infection Prevention and Control nurse, and my experience working through the Pandemic. I can ensure that my leadership will be respectful, protective, and of value by working within the values and principles of the organisation and providing information reflective to the knowledge base of my associates.