30 June 2023

Culinary Innovation in our Chef Masterclasses


Twice a year, our Chefs across all of our 70+ homes attend a two-day masterclass within their respective states. These groundbreaking masterclasses provide excellent tuition for our chefs on the evolving methods of cooking and new techniques, plus professional development. Our aim is always to provide our residents with the freshest ingredients and food that not only looks great but tastes delicious. Plus ensure that they always have a resident focus.


Importantly we also feature our extraordinary partners within these masterclasses. In Victoria, we were lucky enough to have both Unilever Food Solutions and Mackas Australian Black Angus Beef supporting us. With Mackas, producing some of the finest verified Black Angus at their farm near Gloucester NSW we are thrilled to be serving this premium product across our homes giving our residents access to premium Australian red meat that normally only features in high end restaurants. We were delighted to have Rob and Andrew attend our classes, giving an overview of their production, family history and explaining their commitment to their breed, sustainability, and sound practices.

Unilever constantly delivers products that enhance our fresh produce on a daily basis. We use a wide range of Unilever products like Knorr Italiana Pronto Napoli Sauce that is made from 6kg of Italian tomatoes and packed into a 4.15kg tin, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise made with 100% locally-sourced free range egg yolks and sustainably-sourced canola oil, and the wonderful Knorr range of sauces and stocks that delivers our residents an outstanding taste with superior quality which only serves to enhance our fresh ingredients.


Additionally, our chefs are trained to work with our Lifestyle teams to provide a variety of varied and interesting dishes for our cultural days within the homes. These happen in every Estia Health home, every single month. The inspiration behind these days is to help enrich and celebrate the experiences of our residents and ensure that not only their culture is celebrated, but the culture of all those who live within our homes and beyond.

Many thanks to all our wonderful Chefs for attending and we look forward to bring you further news from our other Masterclasses held around the country in the upcoming weeks.

For a more in depth understanding of our classes, please go to the blog here.