05 June 2024

Building our nurses of the future: The Clinical Practice Foundation's Program success story

At Estia Health, we are committed to providing quality aged care.

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Last year, we launched the Estia Health Clinical Practice Foundation's Program, a one-of-a-kind initiative that exemplifies our commitment to excellence. This program has not only elevated our current practices but has also been instrumental in building our nurses of the future, nurturing them as the compassionate and skilled caregivers our residents deserve.

The Clinical Practice Foundation’s Program, a long-held aspiration of Kerry, Head of Quality and Clinical Development, was designed to develop our graduate nurses with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective, safe and quality person-centred care.

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Both Kerry and Marguerite bring with them a wealth of experience as registered nurses, coupled with an unyielding passion for person-centred care. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting them would agree their dedication shines through in every interaction and every piece of knowledge they share.

Through the program, Kerry and Marguerite had 28 graduate nurses from 10 of our homes enrol, boasting a remarkable retention rate of over 90%. High satisfaction levels were reported in all experience surveys and the invaluable feedback from our graduates will shape future programs.

The program not only imparted knowledge but built a supportive community, and they have succeeded beyond measure. The graduates praised Kerry and Marguerite for their unwavering support, their genuine care and the confidence they gave them both professionally and personally. Graduates agreed, "Marguerite was always there for us, no matter the time of day or the nature of the question." Another graduate added, "Kerry and Marguerite were like our umbrella in the rain, always approachable and supporting us.”

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A celebration was held for our program graduates at Estia Health Bexley, our 2023 Home of the Year and it was more than a graduation; it was a gathering of friends, a testament to the bonds formed through shared dedication and growth.

The confidence instilled in our nurses, the building of their professional skills and the hands-on experience made throughout their journey have primed these graduates to lead the way in aged care.

The journey doesn’t end here. The connections formed, the lessons learned, and the shared experiences have created a bond that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations to our graduates and thank you to Kerry and Marguerite for your extraordinary dedication.