08 August 2022

<h2 class="text-dark-teal text-3xl mb-3">Aged Care Employee Day - Gibin talks about growing together</h2>

Aged Care Employee Day - Gibin talks about growing together

Our Care Director Gibin hasn’t had the typical career progression of most people. Coming from India originally, he worked as a support worker in a carers role in the UK. He then migrated to Australia in 2012 and did a bridging course as he was already a Registered Nurse (RN) in India. However, he had a great deal of difficulty securing a position, so it was necessary for him to go back to India and work there again as an RN. Thankfully, in 2015 he returned, starting his post graduate studies in South Australia and began working with Estia Health.

Initially he began at our home in Craigmore, then moving to Encounter Bay. Working as a Registered Nurse in a rural setting meant he learnt a great deal. He stayed until November 2018 and was the Acting Clinical Director. For Gibin, despite being an experienced RN, he realised he needed to learn more about the aged care system, and he praises the Enrolled Nurses for teaching him so much. “Everyone was so supportive and kind, it was a huge learning curve for me”.

In 2018 Gibin moved to our home in Lockleys and became the permanent Care Director, a position he is so proud to hold. Gibin feels a huge responsibility, the need to provide appropriate care and to ensure that the home is always up to date. “It is my job to make sure the staff are well trained, and the clinical care is the done correctly. I monitor clinical care, do quality audits, see trends in clinical care and see where continuous improvements are needed.

The best thing Gibin says about his job is “to support the clinical care team and watch them grow. Whilst seeing that our residents are getting great care and that all comes from this training.”

One bonus of being a Clinical Care Director is the hours, you work nine to five, Monday – Friday which suits Gibin who is married with a 3-year-old daughter and his wife works as well. He receives a lot of support from his wife and family.

Estia Health has been supportive of new nurses, “I had no knowledge of aged care and Estia Health really helped with educating me. They gave me a lot of training and opportunities and that’s one of the biggest things with Estia Health, they constantly give me a lot of support, especially my Residential Aged Care Manager and the regional team.”

“There is a lot of potential for growth in this industry and you need passion and initiative to do it. But there are also a lot of courses to do as well. Making a huge difference to the lives of residents, they come here for comfort and receive the care that they want and need. You know their routine and they are your family member. I think Estia Health is one of the best providers in the industry I am proud to work for them”.

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