19 May 2023

New wall art installation in Salisbury

EH Salisbury_content-mobile_600x300-WEB.jpg

Over recent months, our Estia Health home in Salisbury, South Australia has embarked upon a few exciting upgrades.

There are three new wall art installations, the first being in the dining room. This was put up to assist residents with dementia to recognise that it’s a dining room and meal services area. Being so colourful, it attracts our residents and provides visual stimulation of food. It can also help them to feel quite hungry, which can be very helpful as our residents living with dementia can often begin to lose their appetite.

Then there is the movie wall. Again, this wall is for our residents living with dementia and acts as a stimulus for conversation. A terrific reminiscing tool and wonderful for the families to interact with their loved ones. Families have mentioned how much it brightens up the unit and that they love it.

The animal jungle wall has been used in a similar fashion. A brilliant conversation starter for our residents in our Memory Support Unit, who will often remember animals over people. We have one resident who just loves the animals so much he will regularly pat the lion.