23 May 2023

The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers

<h3 class="text-dark-teal text-2xl mb-3">Proudly Sponsored by Estia Health.</h3>

Proudly Sponsored by Estia Health.

Proudly sponsored by Estia Health, and hailed as the nation's most extensive intergenerational arts initiative, the Centenarian Portrait Project has connected 465 hundred-year-olds with 465 teenage artists. The resulting artworks become a unique gift, immortalising the bond between subject and artist. The diversity in style, approach and medium reflect the intergenerational process undertaken by each teenager and super senior.

Rose Connors Dance, Centenarian Portrait Project creator and Embraced Inc Creative Director said that it was designed to promote understanding, counteract age-related stereotypes and foster a sense of unity between generations through artistic expression and storytelling.

“We brought members of the community together, who otherwise may never have met. These meetings and the opportunity to connect through art have resulted in meaningful friendships, giving both groups an enormous sense of understanding, purpose and self-esteem”

You can now visit the finale of the Centenarian Portrait Project at the Belconnen Arts Centre from the 20th May 2023 for six weeks.