21 May 2023

Meet our volunteers at Wattle Glen

We are incredibly lucky to have some wonderful volunteers.

Over the past few years Tina and Alan have spent countless hours transforming our garden from a barren space into something truly beautiful. Using plants that appeal to all senses, they have created a peaceful haven for our residents to enjoy. Tina and Alan’s dog Archie is also a volunteer in his own right, visiting with the residents every week.

In addition to all the wonderful work in the garden, Alan has been vital in facilitating new connections in the community. He introduced us to some lovely folks from the Sugarloaf Sailing Club and the next thing we know our residents are enjoying a day out sailing. Alan has also introduced us to his wildlife rescuer friend who visited us with some baby joeys, much to everyone’s delight.

Our incredibly dedicated volunteer Pauline has been with us for many years. Pauline’s expert knitting skills have assisted so many of our residents in creating their own masterpieces over the years. We even had an exhibition at Montsalvat to show off all the incredible pieces that Pauline and our residents made.

As well as spending time with us assisting with bingo and high tea, Pauline also volunteers with the Diamond Valley Railway. With Pauline’s assistance, we have enjoyed many visits to the Diamond Valley Railway, a scenic ride on the train always a bit of fun.