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Bridging the generational gap in our Early Years Services

Children at our Hornbrook Children’s Centre in Windsor have been visiting elderly residents at nearby Estia Health Aged Care, a learning experience that is helping to build an amazing bond between younger and older people.


Team Leader Stacey is excited about what the program is helping to deliver: “These regular excursions have been a huge success and are much more than a community building exercise - this is a gift for the children and the adults. We offer play and real experiences and children choose to join the residents to play games, sing and paint (sometimes each other). In between visits they also write letters to their adopted ‘grandparents’.

Children aged three to five years leave Hornbrook holding hands and marching in pairs accompanied by educators. This journey helps them learn road rules as they walk to meet up with their adopted grandparents.   

Residents eagerly wait to meet the group and get started on their group activities. This is especially important for children who may otherwise miss out on communicating and relating to the elderly.

Hornbrook Children’s Centre is a progressive and culturally safe place for children aged three to five with dedicated staff and with large open play spaces that encourage indoor and outdoor learning.

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