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Things to ask

At Estia Health, we are dedicated to providing choices for our residents and their families. We encourage you to ask lots of questions - anything that helps you make an informed decision.

1. Tell me about the care in this home?

You’re looking to understand what levels of care are available, especially if you have particular questions around specialist care, dementia care, respite and support for carers and families. You also want to understand how the homes facilitate your family’s involvement and how they communicate with you and your family regarding care.

Ask about the training and qualifications of the care staff, whether nurses are on duty at all times, what specialist care is available for your particular circumstances (for example, dementia), what security checks are done on staff and so on.

At Estia all of our homes have professional nurses on duty 24 hours a day, and all care programs are delivered under the guidance of each home’s Registered Nurse.

All of our ancillary and care staff are trained in aged care and every member of the team has passed all important clearance checks and annual training requirements to ensure our care meets the safety needs of our residents. 

2. What room options are available to me?

Not everybody wants the same kind of room and every home has a range of rooms that appeal to different people for different reasons. 

It’s important to ask about details also. Does the room look onto a garden? Is it near the communal areas? Does it have a telephone connection or an aerial for you to have your own TV?  Don’t be worried about asking them to put the information down in writing for you so you can think about it after the discussion.

At Estia, the vast majority of our residents enjoy their own room and private bathroom and all of our homes have gardens and outdoor areas that are easily accessible all year round. 

You are also welcome to bring your own TV, have a telephone connected and personalise your own room. You can hang pictures, bring a favourite piece of furniture, change the curtains or fill the corner with a beloved vase. All our rooms come with comfortable electronically controlled beds, nurse-call systems, wardrobes and bedside tables. 


3. Can you tell me about the communication and feedback system in this home?

It is important to understand how this works in a home. How can you and your family be involved in providing feedback? What is the best way to ask for information on menus or care plans or activities? What if you have concerns about the care? Is there a formal complaints system? What about languages other than English?

All of our homes run regular family and residents meetings with management, and you are encouraged to raise issues directly, via a feedback form or by requesting a meeting with the appropriate person. 

4. What is there for me to do once I’m here?

Very few people want to sit in their rooms all day so make sure you ask questions to get a good understanding of the lifestyle program.  What does the social and lifestyle program look like at the moment? How easy is it to access local cafes or libraries? What if I wanted to learn a new skill or go to church? Does the home have regular day-trips and outings to shops and services? Is it easy for friends and family to visit?

Estia works with every resident to make sure that social activities are supported by your clinical care plan.  We look at ways to maintain well-loved hobbies by incorporating them into our lifestyle program or accessing local community support.  This is your home, we will do everything we can to make sure you can do the things that matter to you.

Our lifestyle teams organise regular excursions to local places of interest, as well as frequent shopping trips and, in many cases, can assist with transport to appointments. Also, friends and family are welcome to visit at any time.

5. So explain to me about the catering at this home?

You’ve looked after yourself and your family for a long time, so relinquishing control of the menu is a big shift.  Ask about how the home caters for special dietary requirements – be it allergies or preferences. What about food that needs to be prepared appropriately for your culture? What if you prefer a big meal in the middle of the day? Can you make your own tea and toast whenever you want? Where is the food sourced from? Is there an in-house chef?

Good food and nutrition are critical to the health and happiness of our residents and we plan to make sure that your food is a nutritious experience. We are very proud of the quality of our food.  Every meal is cooked freshly on site each day by our chefs and kitchen team.