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Welcome to short-term residential respite care

A break for carers and a warm experience for residents

<h2 class="text-dark-teal text-3xl mb-3">Make our home your own</h2>

Make our home your own

At Estia Health we understand the challenges of caring for older people, especially with the worries that arise during winter. Whether it is managing heating systems, preventing infections or appropriate nutrition with warm meals, our dedicated team are here to provide the best support and care to attend to individual and clinical needs.

  • Round-the-clock care: short-stay respite residents are cared for by an experienced
    team including nurses rostered on duty 24/7.
  • Nutritious food: we are very proud of the fresh, nutrient-rich meals that are prepared
    daily by our chefs, with our menus being assessed by dietitians.
  • Engaging activities: residents get to enjoy a rich and diverse calendar of events and
    experiences that support mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Respite care provides carers with a break from their caring duties with the peace of mind that the needs of their loved ones are being met. Speak to our team to learn more about respite care.

<p>What is short-term respite care?</p>

What is short-term respite care?

Respite care offers a short-term option for people requiring care and for their carers that may need a break. It can be accessed in your home, in the community, or in a residential aged care home. All of our Estia Health aged care homes offer residential respite care, giving you the option to join us for a short stay.

For carers, looking after someone requires an incredible amount of commitment and dedication and there will be a time where you need to take time away for appointments, a holiday, or just a short break to look after yourself. Respite care provides the opportunity to do that, knowing your loved one is being cared for in a safe and supportive environment.

People come for a short stay with us for a number of reasons; it may be an option for someone transitioning from a hospital stay following an accident or illness, requiring additional care and support before moving home. For many, respite care can also be an opportunity to try residential aged care before making the permanent move into a residential aged care home.

What does a carer do?

Caring may include help and support with any of the daily activities of living of the person being cared for. It may include physical and personal care such as dressing, lifting, showering, toileting, feeding or providing transport and the management of medications, attending appointments, banking and dealing with any emergencies.

Am I a carer?

Carers are people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, or who are frail aged. Carers are an integral part of Australia’s health system and are the foundation of our aged, disability, palliative and community care systems.

Why might I need support?

Caring for someone who is vulnerable, dealing with an illness or who are frail and aged requiring support, is often handled by family and friends who are unpaid carers. Support is available to ensure that carers can take a break and recharge, also taking care of their own wellbeing.

<h3 class="text-dark-teal text-2xl mb-3">63 days of subsidised respite care</h3>

63 days of subsidised respite care

Respite care enables both individuals and their carer(s) to have the support required to ensure wellbeing and relaxation. To make respite care more affordable, the Australian Government subsidises short-term care directly.

Eligible people can access up to 63 days of subsidised respite care each financial year. This includes both planned and emergency residential respite care. If more than 63 days are required due to your care needs, carer stress or the absence of your carer, it is possible to extend this by 21 days at a time, with further approval from an aged care assessor.

Learn more about Residential respite subsidy and supplements here.

Ready to try Respite Care?

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