Career changers

When Covid-19 hit the travel industry in 2020, Mikeala, who had been an air hostess with Tiger Airways for four years, was suddenly out of a job. Like all her colleagues her life changed abruptly and without warning. Thankfully, Estia Health reached out to Virgin Airways who owned Tiger and offered jobs to work in the Aged Care industry. Mikeala jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back since.

At first, Mikeala worked as the Family Liaison Officer and helped out in Administration, and quickly proved herself to be invaluable. From there she was offered a part time position in our Bendigo home for a few months helping the Client Services Officer, in charge of admissions into the home. As she lived in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, and thinking Covid lockdowns were almost over, our Regional Aged Care Manager from Epping in Victoria reached out to Mikeala and offered her a full-time role as the Administration Officer in May 2021.

News continued to spread about what a diligent and capable worker Mikeala was and again she was asked to help in Estia Health Plenty Valley as an Administration Officer there, coming back to Estia Health Epping in December. A lot of moving in short amount of time, but it has certainly given her a very broad introduction into Estia Health and one that she is grateful for.

But things haven’t stopped here. Mikeala has just been promoted and we are thrilled for her. In the beginning of August, she will be starting her new position as the Client Services Manager at our South Morang home. A position she is truly looking forward to. The new position is more senior; however, Mikeala said “it’s nerve wracking, but I’m so excited.”

“What I love about Estia Health is, is that everyone is one big family, no matter which home you are working at, and everyone works together like a family. It is so friendly and welcoming at a new aged care home. And the fact that no matter who it is, the head office will make room for you, if you are willing, to move, head office will support you and help you”.

Coming from a background in travel, Mikeala said that moving to aged care has shown her how to be more empathetic and she realises how much she has learnt. “We deal with so many family situations, residents, and their needs and you need to be so empathetic with everyone. I have learnt various important culturally significant events; we have a large Macedonian population in the home and so I’ve learnt a bit of Macedonian. Plus, a range of organisational skills because every day can be so different, and I have learnt to be agile because no day is ever the same. From Sonia I have learnt how to be a leader, she is one of the strongest Executive Directors and the most influential that I’ve met. And she has taught me so much. She can handle any situation at any moment, and she is so calm and collected always”.

In my new role, I’m looking forward to being at the start of the family’s journey. It can be confronting experience for them. Unfortunately, often both stressful and sad and you can help them and have an impact on their lives. And I enjoy knowing that I can do this in an organised and really kind way.

Mikeala would prefer to be working at Estia Health than flying. “I have now seen the impact I have on the lives of our residents and their families. I don’t just serve tea and coffee anymore where my customers get off the plane and I never see them again. Overall, it’s been a great decision. I’m very lucky, that this career path was offered to me. I was very scared. I didn’t know how Estia Health worked, I hadn’t even been in an aged care home and now I don’t want to leave”.

At Estia Health we are thrilled to have such a diligent, hardworking colleague in Mikeala, and we wish her well in her new position at Estia Health South Morang.

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