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Bendigo’s Wild West adventure!

“Kick off your boots and stay a while” was the warm ol’ Western sentiment echoing down Bendigo’s corridors, when they recently hosted their annual Wild West Themed event!


Yeeha! Pictured above is resident Jon with his Wild West horse! 

Dressed in theme, Estia Health Bendigo’s team members Kyra and Jacinta, with resident Josephine (right) being visited by a Shetland Pony!
Preparing months in advance to book in their special guests from Animals to You, Bendigo’s furry friends for the day included Shetland ponies, a lamb, rabbits, and the most gentle and friendliest dog the team had ever met!
Pictured here is Les, Kevin and Val and their friendly country dog! 

Visiting friends from Animals for you, with Bendigo’s Peter, Leanne, David John and Joseph!

Special “WANTED” signs and cut-outs were also made for the “dangerously friendly” and more zealous characters at the home, and a series of creative cowboy (and cowgirl) hats were worn blazon. 


WANTED: Penniless Percy, Scary Rhonda (left) and Angry Brianna (right)! If you see them in the Bendigo area, make sure to say hi!


Delicious Wild West cowboy/girl hats and cactus cupcakes, made and decorated by the creative chef at the home, Wendy! 

Refreshments included snacks and a snow cone machine, which was a big hit for residents on the warm Summer’s day. And no Western party would be complete, without the familiar twang of live country and western songs and tunes, which were performed thanks to local talent and country vocalist, David Henley. 


Pictured above is  Melva, Keven and Mark enjoying Estia’s special day!

“The day was just great!” shared Executive Director at the home, Sheila Brandie. “We really wanted to be able to share a family day with our residents and families that all would enjoy - and really showcase how much of a family we are.” 


Resident Andrew, dressed as a Wild West Indian for the day! 

Warm acknowledgements have also been extended to the team at the Bendigo home, especially their volunteers, Kitchen and Lifestyle teams, whose tireless efforts made the day such a festivity.  The home would also like to thank the visiting entertainment, and their residents’ families and friends who came along on the day. 

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